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David Derbyshire. MSc, BSc, Cert Ed, DipLC

Asperger’s Heroes personal development service for adults with Asperger's syndrome

We offer one-to-one coaching and group workshops. Telephone, Skype and email coaching is available regardless of location. However any face-to-face meetings whether individual or group sessions will be based locally in and around Birmingham, UK.

David Derbyshire BSc in Psychology, Diploma in Life Coaching, Founder & Personal Development Coach

David graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Psychology. He has spent over 20 years teaching Psychology in colleges. In 2014 David received a very late diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. Realising that he had overcome so many barriers in his life he has now dedicated himself to help other adults who also have Asperger's Syndrome. He received a Distinction in his Diploma in Life Coaching, David used the skills he learnt to work as a Personal Development Coach and founded Asperger’s Heroes.