Asperger's Heroes Workshops 2021

Over the last few months we have been running workshops on Zoom discussing topics relevant to autism such getting a diagnosis, mental wellbeing, social communication, keeping focused and self-awareness. We are grateful for funding from the National Lottery's Community Fund to make these workshops possible.

In the New Year we talked about building our routine using Habit Stacking and we had a go at making our own Dream Boards. Last week (January 30th) I facilitated a discussion about memory where we talked about some of the strengths and some of the challenges that we have experienced whether it was holding idents in memory, memory for information or memories of the past.

We have number of workshops lined up in the coming weeks...

The Autistic Strength of Focus

When considering our strengths, as we were at the end of the last post, one strength that many autistic people identify is that given chance they love to concentrate on a topic and give it their focused attention. As autistic individuals we have the ability to focus very strongly, in a very concerted way. This is a powerful strength because it means that we don’t mind solitude. In fact, focus and solitude can be keys for us to build resilience.

Autistic Strengths

Welcome to this series of blog posts from Asperger’s Heroes.

The aim of these posts will be to explore some of the strengths connected with Asperger syndrome or autism for those living on the autism spectrum. We will also look at how to use those strengths to find satisfaction, to find meaning and purpose in your life - to be fulfilled. In doing this you will find you are making a contribution to the world to make it a better place. That is how we want to encourage people to be heroes - to be these “Asperger’s heroes” we talk about.

Autistic meltdown

Here is my latest Autistic Heroes video. It is on autistic meltdowns.