Asperger's Heroes Workshops 2021

Over the last few months we have been running workshops on Zoom discussing topics relevant to autism such getting a diagnosis, mental wellbeing, social communication, keeping focused and self-awareness. We are grateful for funding from the National Lottery's Community Fund to make these workshops possible.

In the New Year we talked about building our routine using Habit Stacking and we had a go at making our own Dream Boards. Last week (January 30th) I facilitated a discussion about memory where we talked about some of the strengths and some of the challenges that we have experienced whether it was holding idents in memory, memory for information or memories of the past.

We have number of workshops lined up in the coming weeks...

February 6th: Autism and Gender Identity.

This coming week we are pleased to welcome Marianthi Kourti as our guest facilitator this week who is currently working on a PhD entitled "How autistic individuals form a sense of gender identity".

February 13th: Self-help strategies. 

On this week we will be joined by Sara Heath of Autonomy Shropshire, a self-help and social group for people with Asperger's syndrome. Sara will seek to help you to discover ways to deal with whatever you are facing in life at the moment. So please come with any practical issues or problems that are happy to share and discuss.

February 20th: Interactive Workshop with LouDeemY Productions

We will introduce you to LouDeemy Productions who will be running a series of exciting workshops with us once a month. LouDeemY specialise in discussing such issues as mental wellbeing and personal development in unique and innovative ways and will tailor their workshops to our requirements. So please come with ideas of what you might like to be included.

February 29th Survival & Positivity (part 2) 

We welcome back Paul Wady who will discuss more about survival on the autistic spectrum and how to stay positive continuing on from his first work on January 23rd.

If you are interested please contact us and I will sent you the Zoom link / login codes.