Autistic Strengths

Welcome to this series of blog posts from Asperger’s Heroes.

The aim of these posts will be to explore some of the strengths connected with Asperger syndrome or autism for those living on the autism spectrum. We will also look at how to use those strengths to find satisfaction, to find meaning and purpose in your life - to be fulfilled. In doing this you will find you are making a contribution to the world to make it a better place. That is how we want to encourage people to be heroes - to be these “Asperger’s heroes” we talk about.

A positive approach to autism

Often autism and Asperger’s are characterised in the negative. They are diagnoses of deficits and often the language surrounding them causes people focus on what we cannot do. Speaking as someone on the autistic spectrum myself with a clinical diagnosis of Asperger syndrome, I can understand this. Going to a psychiatrist to get a diagnosis, which I did very late in life, in my fifties, was all about discussing my weaknesses, my deficits and the things that I found difficult.

However what I’ve come to understand is that Asperger syndrome and autism in general have a lot of associated strengths, and I have been using a many of these throughout my life. As we build self-awareness and awareness of others we can use these strengths to bring hope, to fulfil personal goals and ambitions, and to deepen this sense of meaning and purpose in our lives.

There are strengths associated with autism

There are some great strengths in that list that we will look at. We will also look at some key strategies to help empower you use these strengths and to work around some of the weaknesses that can be associated with autism. We will discuss strategies to avoid problems associated with autism and enhance wellness. These aim to give you greater self-determination enabling you to make the most of those strengths as you take control of your life.

So please, read through the following posts which will appear in the coming weeks and at the end I will challenge you to think how can you put into practice these strengths and strategies. You will see how can you find opportunities for fulfilment in life by using the strengths associated with your autism rather than focusing on all the weaknesses.

In the meantime take time to consider what some of your strengths mights be. You may want to ask people who know you well for their opinions. See if you can draw up of list of your top three.