The aim of these articles on Asperger’s Heroes

My aim is to post articles here regularly discussing Asperger syndrome and how support such as personal development coaching can help adults with this condition. I will review some books on relevant subjects as well as drawing on insights from my own lived experience of Asperger's. It would also be great to include other people’s stories as we going along.

My story is of someone who received a very late diagnosis in my late 50s. After suspecting that I was on the autistic spectrum for a few years I got to a point where I just had to know. My life made made so much sense after I received this diagnosis. So many things fell into place. I realised that I had overcome so many barriers that many with Asperger syndrome never do and found fulfilment in my life.

Why I founded Asperger’s Heroes

Through Asperger’s Heroes I am offering personal development coaching for adults with Asperger's. I am committed to taking a positive perspective on Asperger syndrome. Adults with Asperger's may have many challenges in life but also have strengths that can be celebrated. A clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities that this the condition brings can help produce good outcomes all round.

Promoting a positive awareness of Asperger's is important for those with Asperger’s and for those who work with or support them. It is very easy when affected by Asperger’s to fall into negativity. However an understanding of this diagnosis and a balanced view of its implications can unlock many situations and help you in your personal development and in finding meaning to your life.

How Asperger’s Heroes can help you

Through coaching and mentoring we can help you gain insight to deal with these challenges and make the most of your strengths. Through one-to-one conversations we can help you out of difficulties or crises and help you move forward in understanding social situations better and in modifying your own behaviour where necessary.

There are many issues that coaching can tackle that are important for an adult with Asperger syndrome. These may include improving social skills, handling romantic and family relationships well, dealing with frustrations, developing self-control, managing finances, making the most of your special interests and finding your purpose in life.