What is Personal Development Coaching?

Personal development coaching enables you to identify the goals that will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be whether in your work or in your personal life. It clarifies your thinking about what to do to take measurable steps towards those goals. It gives you someone to be accountable to and helps you overcome any barriers you encounter.

What sort of approach does our coaching take?

Coaching has a long history in business as well as in sports but it also uses new and exciting academic disciplines such as Positive Psychology to inform its practice.

Our coaching takes an holistic approach. Our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing are all recognised to be closely linked with each other as too is our environment. In discussing an issue such as isolation with someone with Asperger syndrome we may tackle not just thoughts and feelings but also the environment or how exercise impacts physical wellbeing.

We can also be flexible, as we work independently and can adapt to your individual needs. We are aware that working with someone with Asperger’s may require signposting to specialist help if needed.

What takes place in a personal development coaching session?

We will talk with you about what is possible in your life. We can discuss whatever aspects of your life you wish, identifying your ambitions and exploring together best way forwards towards a satisfying and balanced life. This may involve facing up to reality and, just as a sports coach would, helping you to maintain a focused positive mental attitude to help you to succeed.

We will ask you questions to promote a wider awareness of yourself, your circumstances and your dreams. We will help you to recognise your strengths and weakness and to find your enthusiasm. We will discuss taking risks, gaining positive experiences, getting over negative ones and help you to come to see both successes and failures as opportunities to learn.

Coaching empowers you to set and achieve your personal goals step by step over a number of weeks if not months. This gives you time to build up trust and rapport with your coach, who may share with you techniques and personal anecdotes related to Asperger’s. During this time they will keep you focused on what you want to achieve and celebrate with you when you get there.