Coaching is not Counselling, Therapy or Advice

The help provided by Asperger’s Heroes is not intended to be a substitute for informed professional diagnosis, therapy or advice and the client is responsible for their own actions.

Please be aware that personal development coaching is not counselling or therapy. It does not involve any diagnosis or treatment of a psychological condition or any form of health care whether medical or psychological.

If you need medical help or diagnosis please do not hesitate to contact your own health care provider such as your General Practitioner who can refer you to a specialist in the appropriate area.

The aim of coaching is to empower you to reach your own goals. Asperger’s Heroes will assist you in formulating these goals and making steps towards them, but clients should understand that they take full responsibility for these actions. Also there are no guarantees offered as results depend primarily on your own commitment.

Any material on this site or any personal or group discussion should not be construed as constituting advice whether financial, legal or otherwise. If you need help in these areas please seek advice from an expert practitioner in the appropriate areas.

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