"I am a 52 year old woman who thinks she may be autistic – especially since both my children were recently diagnosed with autism, and I have things in common with them. David worked with me over a series of worksheets and facetime meetings, to explore a number of topics in relation to autism and my life experience. Before going for an autism assessment, I wanted to talk about my life, and some of the ways I feel ‘different’.

"David is very easy to talk to, a kindly, neutral and interested person with whom to puzzle out what is actually going on. I do not expect to have this sort of conversation at assessment, and am glad that this opportunity has been available. It has enabled me to reflect on autistic traits in relation to myself, with plenty of time between our conversations to think about things and remember examples. Because I may not be able to bring things to mind quickly in my assessment appointment, it is reassuring that David is going to summarise the key points in a document that I will be able to present to the assessor. I have really enjoyed this process, and have had a number of helpful realisations about myself as it has gone on. I highly recommend this service that David offers, to anyone considering possible autism diagnosis as an adult."


"Working with Dave was really good. It helped me a lot to confirm myself and to encourage myself. When you are autistic you don’t trust everybody.  He helped me to begin to trust people and try to make my life a better place. When I needed to see him about things that were confidential I knew the things I told him will not go anywhere else, they would stay with him. It took me nearly eight months of talking and a lot of work to build my confidence to where it is now. I feel that because he is autistic too, he understands me."


"David is such a calming person who puts you at ease straight away. He is very approachable and will answer any questions you may have. I really found the one to one sessions very helpful. David uses a broad range of coaching styles and adapts them to meet your needs. I felt that I could be open and honest with David and that he would take on board what I was saying. I never felt rushed with David and felt like I was in good hands. I would not hesitate to recommend David."